About Me

When my life-long dream of going to law school came to a halt in 2011 (i.e. I didn’t get in), I started learning about personal finance as a hobby.  I was fascinated with the idea of “having your money work for you” and living off of your investments, which is also known as being Financially Independent or Financially Free.  I spent several months reading the most popular books on the subject (The Total Money Makeover, Your Money or Your Life, Rich Dad Poor Dad) and those books did a great job teaching me why I should be financially independent but I still needed to know how to get there.  I wasn’t about to try my hand in the stock market when I didn’t even know what a mutual fund was.

Since my job at the time wasn’t too demanding, I enrolled in the CFP Program at my local university.  I took one evening class a quarter and eight 8 quarters later, I finished my last class in June 2013.  In the 2 years it took me to finish the program, I also changed jobs and started working for a Register Investment Advisor as a Marketing Specialist/Admin Assistant.  My title was later changed to Operations Associate to better reflect my growing responsibilities.

In March 2014, I passed the CFP® Exam and then in August 2015, I received my CFP® designation.  I was promoted to Financial Planner shortly after and now I do comprehensive financial planning for high-net-worth clients.  I am by no means an expert (yet!), which means I will probably make a lot of mistakes.  But I love learning and improving and this is a place for me to consolidate and share all that I know about personal finance.

– Annie


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