Getting Term Life Insurance – Step by Step

Once we found renters for our condo, the next item on our list of financial to-dos was getting life insurance.

Here are the steps we went through:

  1. Contacted a life insurance broker and told him what kind of policy we wanted to buy (30 year term with death benefits that were 10 to 12 times our income). We chose 30 years instead of 20 because we don’t have any kids yet but plan to within the next few years and we wanted the insurance to last until our kids were all out of college and all the mortgages were paid off.
  2. Our broker sent us some estimates from different insurance companies and we picked the company with the lowest annual premium.
  3. Once we made our decision, our broker sent us a series of questions to answer (full names, home address, Social Security numbers, etc.)
  4. He then prepared an application for us to sign with some additional questions for us to answer. We signed and returned the application back to him.
  5. Shortly after, a medical examiner called us to schedule an appointment for our medical exams. Your medical exam determines your health class and your health class determines your annual premium. The better your health class, the lower your premium. We scheduled the medical exam for a Saturday morning.
  6. About 10 days after the medical exam, our broker let us know that my application was approved and what health rating I was in. My husband’s application is still pending because they’re waiting on medical records from his doctors.
  7. After I was approved, our broker sent me the official policy to sign. I returned the signed documents along with a check for the first premium payment.
  8. The check was deposited and my life insurance policy is now active.



2 thoughts on “Getting Term Life Insurance – Step by Step

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