Money Saving Tip: Ask Your Internet Provider for a Promotional Rate

Thanks to my roommate wanting to switch us over to a different internet provider (they were offering lower rates), I was prompted to give our current provider a call.  I wanted to see if they’d be willing to match their competitor’s rate since it’s a bit of a hassle to cancel your current service and set-up a new one.  Time off work and waiting around all morning/afternoon for a technician is usually involved.

The result?  Our current provider gave us a promotional rate they had going on, lowering our bill by over $30 a month!  That’s over $360 a year – $120 each of us could’ve saved each year these the last two years.  I wanted to kick myself for not making this call sooner.  Turns out, internet service providers always have a “promotion” going on, especially for new customers.  When my first promotional rate ended, it never occurred to me to ask them to give me another one, which probably what they were hoping for.  I specifically remember calling them when I saw the bill spike asking them why my bill was suddenly so much higher.  They casually said “your 1 year promotional rate is up so now you’re paying the regular rate.”  Of course they didn’t bother telling me that had other promotions I could use so I just quietly paid the increased amount like I thought I was supposed to.  But now I know better.  And I hope anyone reading this will learn from my naivety.

On the off chance that they don’t give you a promotional rate, the worst thing that could happen is that you do end up switching providers.

One final tip: do you research before you make the call.  Find out what rates their competitors are offering so they know you’re not bluffing!


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