Ask and You Shall Receive

You can get a lot of money back just by asking.  Allow me to demonstrate:

Case 1 – Overdraft fee waived

A while back, I wrote checks to different people from my church to support them on their overseas mission trip.  The checks were written over a period of several weeks.  The church collected the checks and deposited them all at once about a month later, after I had totally forgotten about them.  I didn’t have enough cash in my checking account to cover all those checks at once so I got hit with a thirty something overdraft fee.  When I realized this, I used their Live Chat service to speak with a rep and got the fee waived.

Case 2 – Accidentally signed up for Amazon’s Professional Seller Service

I signed up for an Amazon Seller account with the intention of using their Fulfillment By Amazon feature.  Fulfillment By Amazon is a service that allows you to send your items to Amazon for them to sell the items for you.  You only have to pay them a small commission after each sale that gets completed.  During the sign-up process, I accidentally signed up for the Professional Seller service, which is $39.99 a month.  When I saw the charge a month later on my statement, I spoke with one of their reps (also via Live Chat) and they refunded me the money.

Case 3 – Tricked into paying for extra insurance at Enterprise

The place that I get my car serviced provides it’s customers free car rentals.  The last time I got my car serviced, the Enterprise guy asked me to sign this sheet of paper before giving me the keys for the rental car.  He mumbled really fast something about “$14.99…charged only if something were to happen…”  I figured it was a security deposit of some sort and didn’t think too much of it.  Later, I realized he was selling me extra insurance but tried to play it off like it was just part of the rental process.  I emailed my service rep about what happened and he asked Enterprise to give me a refund.

Just by talking to these 3 reps, I saved almost $100.  And each conversation took me only 10 minutes or less.  So the next time you find yourself thinking “is it worth the hassle?”, it probably is!  Especially since Live Chat and email make it super easy these days.


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