Planned Splurges

As much as I’ve curbed my urge to shop these last few years, I still have a never-ending list of things I want to buy.  I think most of it has to do with the fact that my overall style has shifted from cheap & pretty to quality & classic looking.  So most of my “to-buys” are to replace items that no longer reflect my taste (i.e. replacing my hot pink side-table with this one).

To keep my spending in check, I limit myself to one major purchase (any item about $100 or more) a month, max.  I also count shopping sprees as major purchases.  For instance, my July splurge consists of the 3 items I bought from Nordstrom.  (Fyi their anniversary sale is going on until August 4th!)  

I’ve found that by planning out my splurges, I am able to purchase the pricier things I want at a sustainable rate without any buyers remorse.  Knowing that I can buy (almost) everything I want eventually helps keep my spending willpower in check.  It’s just like eating healthy.  If you intentionally allow yourself to indulge a little, you’re a lot less likely to randomly binge eat junk food.


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