My Financially Productive Weekend

Since I took this past Monday and Tuesday off, I just had a 5 day weekend.  Two of the major finance related tasks that I tacked over my long weekend were:

1) Selling My Car

2) Sorting through all of my mail and my mom’s mail from the last 8 months

Selling My Car

A few months ago my mom decided to buy my cousin’s car.  Since her car was newer and better than mine, she though it’d only make sense for me to sell my car and drive her old one.  I never sold a car before and the process intimated me.  So naturally, I procrastinated.  After getting a parking ticket (for forgetting to move my old car on a street cleaning day) and getting billed for another year’s worth of auto insurance, I realized I needed to get rid of that car ASAP because it was costing me a lot to keep around.

I wanted to sell it as hassle free as possible so I went to CarMax.

Sorting Through Mail

My mom, for whatever reason, is awful at opening mail so we tend to have bags and bags of unopened mail sitting around.  I finally decided to sort through all of it and unsurprisingly, there were unpaid bills, HOA issues that needed to be addressed, checks!!, expired coupons and all other sorts of things.  I realized it was time to find a solution for this routine build-up once and for all.

So going forward:

1)  All my statements will be paperless.

Because of the way I track my spending and the fact that I pay all my bills online, I find reviewing statements to be extremely redundant.  I really don’t have any use for hard copies, especially since all I end up doing is scanning and shredding them.  The same result can be achieved by saving a PDF version directly from the website.

2)  I will pay my mom’s utility bills for her.

It seems like utility bills are her weakness because she’s pretty good about paying her credit card bills on time.  Since she doesn’t really need to review utility statements (they are more or less the same every month), I figured I’d just pay it for her using a joint credit card we share.

3)  All her statements will eventually be paperless.

Once we get used to the first two changes, I will slowly convert all of my mom’s statements to paperless as well.

I think these 3 adjustments will dramatically reduce the amount of mail we receive and hopefully, that’ll help her get into the habit of opening mail at least weekly.  If not, at least we’ll have less paper clutter sitting around and no more money will be wasted on late fees again!

Did you get any finance related tasks/errands done over the holiday weekend?  If not, this upcoming weekend would be a great time to do so since the New Year is right around the corner!


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